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What is the Buy Back Operation ?

We undertake to redeem your foreign currency for the professional course and this within one month.
The “Buy Back” operation is an assurance that we offer to our customers so they can leave with peace of mind without worrying exchange rates on their return.

What are the advantages of the Buy Back Operation ?

It is difficult to predict how much money is necessary during a journey, so you do not have to worry about the exchange rate of credit card or local exchange offices.
You do not lose a cent if you have foreign currency.

What are the costs and conditions of the Buy Back Operation?

The Buy Back Operation is valid for 30 days following the purchase of foreign currency. It is registered to the person making the transaction. Identification or a current passport is required.

To benefit from the “Buy Back Operation” a charge of 5 € per order will be required, in case the purchase exceeds 500 € you can enjoy free operation.