No. 1 in Belgium Since 1994 . Super Promotion 1€=1.04 $ /0.846 £/ 0.94 CHF /1.395 CAD /151.06 JPY/Aud 1.598 etc.. 1kilo gold 999.9%=581493.27€/59603.26€.../Krugerrand 1 Once=1808.11 €/1899.21€.../Napoléon 20 Francs=340.22€/356.38€... PROMO: sovereign 1 for 440,10 for 441€

Terms and Conditions


This website is accessible from the address (hereinafter, the “Site”) is published by the company D.M.E. Change SPRL, whose office is at 11, Boulevard Adolphe Max 1000 Brussels. Member of the Brussels Commercial Register under number BE 0457.816.937

2. Scope of the conditions of sale.

These terms and conditions govern all purchase and sale transactions carried out by a natural or legal person. However D.M.E Change reserves the right to modify or amend the contract terms. The Service is only available to persons aged 18 or over.

3. Book your currency

Customers wishing to reserve currencies can send a reservation request via our website or call us on 02/218.22.94 for information DME Change by phone, regarding the exchange rates are only indicative and are in no case definite, knowing that favourable or adverse changes may occur at any time in the international currency stock markets and therefore, DME change must adapt its rates quickly. Determining the rates of the purchased or sold currency cannot be fixed and definitive, but only in our branches.

4. Service, purchase and sales of gold.

DME Change commits to make every effort to offer its customers high quality services. If you wish to buy or sell gold, our employees are at your service via our email address or our telephone number 02/218.22.94 between 9:30 ET 6:30 p.m. and those 7 days 7. The price of gold is determined according to its listing on international stock markets and our staff will inform you of the price of your purchase or sale ONLY in INDICATIVE way, gold should be reviewed by one of our employees, knowing that DEFINITELY the prize will be awarded based on the quality of the item purchased and sold in one of our branches. All transactions concerning gold are made in EURO, VAT included.

5. Execution of services.

DME Change SPRL is entitled to perform the services by an expert, or a contractor of our choice and under our responsibility. We reserve the right to reject all or parts of gold bars that do not meet our criteria of international quality. We can NOT guarantee the realization of a capital gain on sales or purchases of coins or ingots and our responsibility could not be committed in any way.

6. Confidentiality

DME Change SPRL undertakes to treat personal data in accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with respect to personal data processing, as amended by Act of 11 December 1998.

7. Non-application of the right of withdrawal

You do NOT have the right of withdrawal when you buy us or sell currencies or gold; indeed the price depends on market fluctuations which DME Change has NO influence. This right of withdrawal could indeed be used in this case as a speculative instrument through which we could always assured of reimbursement with the actual value. The client DOES NOT HAVE the right to cancel the transaction made in one of our branches.

8. Governing law and allocation of powers

These Conditions are governed by Belgian law and will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal of Commerce of Brussels.